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Chuckey Robinson—The Musical Artisan


The Experience


 Some were born with the natural inclination to produce rhythm and sound, while others honed their masterful artistry through the gift of formal study and discipline. Chuckey Robinson hails from the blessing of both worlds. Chuckey polished his gift while attending North Carolina Central University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music Industry and a Master of Arts in Jazz Composition. Chuckey is a dedicated producer with featured works on networks such as The Word Network and ESPN.

Chuckey traveled as the minister of music and personal musician for renowned speaker and best-selling author Bishop George Bloomer. During this time, his gift made room for him to assist in live tapings and event-planning with multiple Christian networks. His musical abilities afforded him the opportunity to work and accompany many other artists and ministries such as: Bishop Paul Morton, Kim Burrell, Jessica Reedy, Branford Marsalis, Nnenna Freelon, and Roy Hargrove. 

The Passion


 His fervor for music stems from his musical lineage. Born into a gifted family engrossed in musical ingenuity, Chuckey learned to play the piano and drums at three years old. When asked to describe his passion for music, he promptly responds, “Music is artistic air—a necessity for inhaling our daily dose of positivity and productive living.”  His signature style of music defies category, banishes boundaries, and crosses genres.

The Purpose

 One of many unique musical characteristics of Chuckey’s artistry is the style Jospel (Jazz + Gospel), a term coined by Chuckey in his first solo album in 2015. It is through music that Chuckey aims to perform C.E.R.J.E.R.Y (surgery) to impact the world by provoking a metamorphic spiritual experience in the hearts and minds of the people in order to inspire, convict, and promote lasting change. Chuckey presently serves as Minister of Music, and is continuing his musical contribution as a Grammy nominated producer, musician, songwriter and clinician. His innate business acumen inspired him to create the production company C.E.R.J. Productions where he provides an avenue for others to delve into their creative gifts and spread the message of positivity through sound.

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